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Because Our Kids' Care Matters.

We want to ensure the best possible care for all Lakewood kids.  That's why we offer babysitting certification courses for area tweens and teens. 


Saturdays, May 9 & 16, 2020

 Lakewood High School - Ranger Cafe


*This class will take place on both Saturdays


($45 if sponsored by LECPTA member)

  Participants become First Aid & CPR certified, while gaining practical and fun tips on how to be a great and responsible babysitter.

  • Open to students currently aged 11+ 

  • Will be American Heart Association CPR certified (good for 2 years)

  • Will be trained in First Aid and babysitting expectations/etiquette

  • Upon completion, students have the option to be included in the LECPTA Babysitter Database, sharing their contact info with 125+ members/potential clients!

  • Taught by Kathleen Corrigan, RN, District Nurse for Lakewood City Schools.


By offering a course in how to be an excellent babysitter to area tweens and teens, the LECPTA helps ensure that our children have the best care possible, even when we are not around.  Students age 11 and older can sign-up for our course, obtain a certification from a licensed First Aid and CPR teacher, and have their information added to our official LECPTA database of babysitters.


If you are a member interested in obtaining a copy of the database, please visit our Members-Only Babysitter Database page. For child protection and security, the database can only be obtained by current members, and we ask that members do not share that information with others, for child protection.


Contact: Jessica Alessandro :

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